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Eastern & Southern Africa Protected Areas Dashboard

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The Regional Observatories provide these services that allow planners and decision makers to access the most updated and comprehensive information on protected areas and natural resources management using the Reference Information Systems. The production of periodic status reports on biodiversity and other policy support materials, as well as the networking function of the Observatories benefit conservation planners and decision makers.

State of Protected Area Reports

The RRH is producing together with BIOPAMA team the State of Protected Areas in Eastern and Southern Area. The goal is to keep it as a regional periodic status reports on biodiversity and sustainable resources management . The information available is drawn from the Reference Information Systems and analysed to portray the state of protected areas in the region.

Policy briefs, publications and info-graphics

The knowledge generated through the use of the RRH tools and services is presented in different formats that support planning and decision making and the capacity development endeavours of the RRH. They include story maps, success stories, situation analysis, country and protected area reports, technical briefs and other guiding publications.

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State of Protected and Conserved Areas in Eastern and Southern Africa Report I


About the Report

This report provides an overview of the status of protected and conserved areas in the ESA region, with special reference to Protected Area Governance and Equity (PAGE) and Protected Area Management Effectiveness (PAME), and the related assessment tools;

  • Part I - Sets the scene and outlines the conceptual and international framework
  • Part II - Provides Regional policies and statistics and national statistics for all 24 countries
  • Part III - Reviews governance, management effectiveness and innovation
  • Part IV - Includes recommendations for policy and practice based on the findings in the report
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