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Towards achievement of the Global Biodiversity Framework Targets

Date 2021-09-29
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The goal of this aerial total and sample censuses was to establish a national baseline of wet season wildlife  population status and distribution in Kenya. 

The census was done and report compiled by Kenya Wildlife Service. 

Date 2021-09-01
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 This handbook outlines current problems in human elephant conflicts, and includes an introductory guide to Elephant Behavior. More pragmatic


instructions like Elephant Safety Guidelines, Instructions on how to use the Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) Toolkit, and further strategies like Chili Fences and Chili Bricks will be the most useful in the field.

Date 2021-08-12
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Date 2020-11-24
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Date 2020-11-24
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Date 2020-11-22
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Date 2020-11-14
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IUCN has one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of authoritative publications, reports, guidelines and databases for conservation and sustainable development. They publish or co-author more than 100 books and major assessments every year, along with hundreds of other reports, documents and guidelines.

Date 2020-10-27
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Date 2020-10-24
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Date 2020-07-25
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