Objectives of the Consultancy

Working under the supervision of the BIOPAMA Regional Coordinator, the key role of the consultant/s is to oversee the overall development of the report, including the development and implementation of a roadmap for finalizing the content. Tasks also include ensuring that the relevant narrative for each chapter is written and editing this content, as well as incorporating the feedback from the peer review process into the final report. The Consultant will assist IUCN and the ESA countries in collecting and collating the relevant information for the ESA State of Protected and Conserved Areas report, based on the table of contents and chapter outlines already determined in the baseline report published in 2020. The consultant will be able to build on work already underway through BIOPAMA staff, who are engaging with countries on various topics in relation to the table of content for the SOPACA.

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What RRH offers

Regional Reference Information System
The ESA HUB has a regional reference information system that is free, secure and built using open source technologies. It hosts a broad range of data that can be stored and used, such as field data, indicators, satellite imagery, maps, photos, surveys and documents.

Knowledge Products
The ESA HUB provide information and knowledge products that allow conservation actors, donors and decision makers to access the most updated and comprehensive information on protected areas and natural resources management at regional, national and site levels.

Capacity Building
We develop the capacity of stakeholders on protected and conserved area management effectiveness, governance, equity and data management. Most of the training opportunities are offered at Regional Level and the dates are announced at the Upcoming Events section.

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