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Endemism in the Horn of Africa, of which Somalia is part, is high. Studies of species diversity in Somalia have been infrequent, but it is believed to be home to more than 175 mammal species and 671 bird species. Over 3,000 plant species have been recorded, 836 of which are believed to be endemic to the country.

Somalia has unique reptiles of 230 species, 80% of them are endemic to Somalia with 29 species of amphibians. There are additional species from Somaliland that have not been recorded.

Knowledge of marine and coastal species is low, although these underpin many economic activities on the coast.

Somalia has 21 protected areas. These are point records, with no reported area, so it is not possible to provide an area for the coverage of these protected areas (UNEP-WCMC & IUCN, 2019r). There has been no effective biodiversity resource management and formal protection for protected areas since the collapse of the central government in 1991.

Protected and conserved areas designated as global sites of importance

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 Source ((Ramsar, 2019; UNESCO, 2019a, 2019b)


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 (AZE Secretariat, 2019; BirdLife International, 2019c, 2019a)

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