For marine and coastal protection, the region has achieved just over half of the target of 10%, with 5.6% of the coastal and marine area covered by protection. With the expansion of the target to include OECMs, countries are encouraged to report all protected and conserved areas to the WDPA. Since there is a high proportion of ‘unreported’ in the IUCN governance and management categories, countries are encouraged to clarify the categories into which existing protected and conserved areas fit.

The Blue Planet Hub (BPH) leverages the Blue Economy to catalyse knowledge production, sharing and capacity building in the Western Indian Ocean region to enhance effective marine and coastal conservation at scale. It is part of the Regional Resource Hub (RRH), that supports better decision making for effective management and governance of protected and conserved areas.The approach of the BPH is on 

• Blue Planet

• Blue People

• Blue Partnerships

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