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RCMRD team participated in #BIOPAMA All hands meeting at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy. The meeting brought together IUCN, JRC, EU Delegation and Regional Implementation Teams to share their updates on the current status of the programme, reflecting on progress as well as underpin the expectations that EU expects to be delivered in by each region/ partner involved.

Key Highlights of the meeting

  • Sharing updates on the current status of the project and reflecting on progress made so far.
  • Have a consolidated understanding of the status globally and in each of the regions, identify the tasks to be completed in the coming 12 months and thoughts for long term observatory operations.
  • Focus on the technical developments in BIOPAMA and demonstration of the tools from global to site level.
    Clear understanding of common tasks and milestones to be achieved, adequate resources for task completion and understanding of link to global project objectives and work plan.
  • Regional priority needs, key challenges, clear plans for each of the activities, detailed understanding of the tools, information and analysis needs and how to use them.
    Concise summary of the meeting conclusions, sustainability next steps and roles and responsibilities for each partner.

SOPACA Report Teaser

Useful Data Portals


State of Protected and Conserved Areas in Eastern and Southern Africa Report


About the Report

This report provides an overview of the status of protected and conserved areas in the ESA region, with special reference to Protected Area Governance and Equity (PAGE) and Protected Area Management Effectiveness (PAME), and the related assessment tools;

  • Part I - Sets the scene and outlines the conceptual and international framework
  • Part II - Provides Regional policies and statistics and national statistics for all 24 countries
  • Part III - Reviews governance, management effectiveness and innovation
  • Part IV - Includes recommendations for policy and practice based on the findings in the report
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